Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Catching the Spirit

Recently our little school held its annual fete.  
This happens just before the end of term two. 
The children anticipate and look forward to it all year.  
The parents wait for it with trepidation.

Term two is consumed with donating items (that we then buy back), baking, preparing, volunteering.  Generally getting ready.  The children learn the obligatory "fete dance" whch showcases the theme of the fete.   The parents come and watch.  They volunteer their time to run stalls, cook food. Anything. Anything to help our kids.

The community comes together in a way that is truly astounding.  The community raises an astounding amount of money, which is then poured back into the school.  It is a great event, and one that reflects back to me just how important it is to not judge anyone.

It is often said in many schools, "it is the same group of people/parents that do all the things" and until recently I had thought this true.  

Until I was delivering cakes up to the cake stall.

There was a mum in front of me - who I had never seen before.  
Maybe she works full-time, maybe she has kids in different grades to me.  
Whatever the reason doesn't matter. 

 What matters to me, is that she was there.  
Doing her bit, in the way she could. 

 She had already delivered a large batch of cakes and turned and said 
"I have 10 more cakes and at least 3 dozen cupcakes" 
smiled and walked away, to drive home, collect and then deliver again.
The point is, so many people judge a community by the active ones that they see.

Don't jude a community by what you see. Don't think ever, there is only a certain group or number of parents that are helping.  There are people, lots of people behind the scenes.
The quiet achievers.  
They are the ones who also helped us to "Catch the Spirit".

The fete was great.  The kids loved it.  The parents loved it.
And I can't wait until next year.

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