Sunday, 22 July 2012

Loving the Outdoors

I have had an (almost*) completely fabulous weekend.  Don't you love it when that happens?

Friday night was "Book Club", which included dinner with the girls.  Awesome food, great company and an interesting discussion of the book. Love Book Club and my "girls".

Saturday was fairly normal, you know the kids sports/activities.  Except this time M2 and I went along and watched M1 play in his soccer game.  He did great! He saved two goals in the first half and played really well on the field in the second half.  Very proud Mummy moments.  It was great to get out into the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful Brisbane winter weather.

That afternoon, we lit the little pot-belly heater on our back deck early in the afternoon (think about 5.00pm) and enjoyed sitting in front of it, eating dinner, toasting marshmallows and having family time.  Finished the day (after putting a very tired M2 to bed) watching The Princess Bride with hubby and M1.  Love these times. 

And at the risk of this being an incredibly boring piece of writing, Sunday was just as nice.  I played M1 at checkers, whilst basking in the sun on our deck, the kids played outside in the morning, while I watched them from the deck, and after a visit to see their cousins, we have all come home feeling like we have had a very "outdoorsy" weekend.

So yes, I am grateful for the outdoors. How for granted do we take it?  I look outside from my little piece of suburbia and my view is one of trees, grass and open spaces.  It is great!  Love it. Loving our little fire heater (and the memories this is helping to create) and loving that I am soaking up these times with my little fam.

Need to go now, time to light the fire again.

Linking up with Maxabella at 52 Weeks of Grateful.

* ps - it was not totally awesome because late Saturday night was struck down with vomiting.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Looking Back

Time to look back over the week and be grateful.  

I am grateful I was able to spend a couple of days just with my husband 
(well during school hours anyway).

I ate my first ever burger from "Grill'd" - I think I am in love.  It will NOT be my last burger from there.

Did a spot of shopping (gotta love Trade Secret right?).

Was not required to do the school run 
(because hubby was on hols and he did it!).

Generally had a fairly lazy week.   Who shouldn't be grateful for that?

Linking up with Maxabella at 52 Weeks of Grateful.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

50 Shades Over It!

Yes, I have been sucked in by the hype of 50 Shades of Grey.  The peer pressure got to me eventually, and I had to read it to see what all the fuss was about.  

And I hate to admit it, but it has sucked me in.  
I need to know what happens......


God I am sooooo over reading about these two having sex every two minutes.  Seriously.  Yes I get it.  They are "into" each other. But really???  Does anyone do "it" THAT often??  I was warned that it was "mummy porn" and that it is. 
 But I have resorted to skimming these bits to get to the story.  

The story of a damaged and tortured soul coming back to the light.  
Or so it is meant to be.  Poor Christian.

Would you let any man dictate to you, in a supposed adult, consensual, loving relationship what you can wear, who you can see and how many times a week you should work out.  Even if he was a billionaire? Seriously Ana, grow up!

Also, I like to read to escape (and yes, I know and can close the book and not open it again, but can you turn off a movie and not find out what happens?). More fool me.  Trouble is, this book invades your brain, and not in a jump into bed way, in a GET OUT OF MY HEAD way (yes SHOUTY capitals!).

So the question is with two books down, to I finish the story and see what happens?  Or do I put it to bed (no pun intended) and step away from this world I find slightly repulsive.

I haven't decided yet.  Will let you know.
What would you do?