Wednesday, 13 June 2012

5 Times in 7 days

Five times in Seven days!  Yes, I know.  Amazing.  Baking that is. 
Yes I have baked five days out of seven last week. 
It seems that when the going gets intense - I bake.  

I also bake when I am trying to procrastinate - has been a habit since I was at uni.

The kids are LOVING it.  So is hubby, but he keeps saying I am going to make him fat.

I think I am trying to nurture my family in the way I know how.  

I am not very good at keeping a clean and organised house.

But I can cook and bake well.

The months ahead may be a bit rocky, but one thing I can assure you, there WILL be baking!


  1. Looks like I know where to come to have a cuppa, lucky for my waistline I dont live near! At least when your procrastinating you are actually doing something! Annaleis xx

  2. Oh I would just love to bake but my kitchen just drives me nuts I cant stand to be in there 1970s original Department of Housing kitchen in all its tiny splendour :D


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