Friday, 23 November 2012

Grateful for my children

Today I am grateful for my children.  That they are with me, close by.  
That I can cuddle and kiss them whenever I want to.  

That they are 4 and 9 and not 17.

That each night they are tucked up in their bed, safe, secure and exactly where they should be.

I am grateful that they still have innocence and wonder.  
That to them a good times is fun with friends in the back yard and staying up later than 7.30pm.

So today, I am grateful for my children. 
 That they are alive, happy, healthy, cheeky and here to drive me insane.

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  1. 17 will be here so fast, enjoy this time while they are still young :)
    Visiting from 52 Weeks of Grateful

  2. Children are such a wonderful gift. And this time while they're young and we have them always with us is so precious!

  3. I feel like this too when I look at my two sleeping safe in their beds. Lovely.

  4. Very worthy things to be thankful for! It's a lovely time and I try to enjoy it for what it is, as much as I can remember to!

  5. what happened in the US really shook me up. they are so so precious x


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