Friday, 9 November 2012

Grateful for ... Being Needed

What a great thing... being needed. 

  How much do you love the hugs you get when your kids throw their arms around you when you collect them after a day at school?
When they say 'I want my mummy'  or just come up and say "I love you mum".  
Seeing their faces light up like that really does make those harder days worthwhile.

The unconditional love of a child.
It really means everything, doesn't it?

My Miss 4 is especially affectionate and demonstrative.  She is always telling me she needs me.  Always saying "I Love You Mama".  I wish I could bottle this stage of life she is at.  

Anything is possible in her mind.  She is counting down to Christmas AND Easter.  
All with that magic sparkle in her eye. She believe in fairies, and playing fairies is her favourite game.  She wants to be a Ballerina when she grows up. 

This year she "graduates" from kindy.  
At the ripe old age of 4.5 she gets to wear her first "cap and gown" and have an official graduation.  It almost makes me cry just thinking about it now.

My Mr 8 is also affectionate, although I am no longer allowed to give him a kiss if I am wearing lipstick.  Doesn't want the evidence left behind. My time is running out.

I love that he stills runs up to me at the end of a school day.
Feel lucky that if he hurts himself (not the hurting part, obviously), he still wants to snuggle up next to Mum.  Even if he is trying to be very brave.

At the moment he is obsessed with archery and sword fighting.  The the world of rangers and Robin Hood and the Three Musketeers. Oh to be 8 and have the biggest concern being where to find more feathers to tie onto the end of your arrow.

His world is changing, and in some ways he needs me more then ever now.  He is slowly entering the stage of life when he is no longer a little boy, but doesn't want to let it go.  He needs me.  My Miss 4 needs me, her world is changing too.  Off to "Big School" next year.  She is exited and brave and scared and reluctant at the same time.

So here is to being needed, and a reminder that, even though our kids act brave and tough and resilient they still need you.  Still need you to be there and listen, listen, listen.  Cuddle them, kiss them if they let you, and if you can, sneak in a lipstick kiss on their cheek.  

Thank you Miss 4 and Mr 8 for needing me, believe it or not, I need you both too.  More than you will ever know.


  1. Such a sweet post - i am ever grateful that my girls still love a cuddle and a kiss although the public pulling away is starting to happen more and more.

  2. So true, my 3yo daughter tells me she loves me everyday, I'm so grateful for her cuddles, and I love that my son (7yo) still kisses me goodbye at school, but I have noticed the hand-holding is disappearing. Yes, it is great to be needed, and I can't imagine life withou them :)

  3. Oh too gorgeous - I have a 4 and 7 year old and I wish every day I could bottle this time. I look at my little ones and want their little faces to be seared in my memory - that innocence! Bless! Popping past via Maxabella's 52 weeks of grateful. Cheers, Mez


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