Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Round and round and round

Sometimes I feel like my life is just one big roundabout.  Never quite knowing how to navigate it, and hoping you take the right exit at the right time, without being wiped out, run over or beeped at!

Each time I make a promise to myself, whether it be about exercising, eating, drinking, the house, whatever, I stick to it for a couple of days and then the walls come crashing down.

Is it self sabotage??  This is a key question you are asked if you do the Michelle Bridges 12WBT.  Are you  your own worst enemy?   Do you ignore the small jobs because they "won't make enough difference"?  Do you go to the shops when you are feeling grumpy and it is almost "wine o'clock" just so you can buy a bottle when you are not really wanting or needing it?

I do and more.  Some days are great, I am totally on top of everything and am one of those "I don't know how she does it" women.  Other days I really don't even like my own company.  These are the days I then head to the gym or out for a walk and try and "get my head clear". 

Now, to my friends reading this.  I. AM. OK.  REALLY!  I am just suffering from what I term, "post crap year hormonal and emotional turmoil and realisation".   Quite a mouthful, huh?

You see it has all finally hit me, and I have finally agreed to let it sit with me for a while.  So sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and sometimes I feel just great.  It's a tricky world.

How are you finding 2013???

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