Thursday, 29 March 2012

Stop! How a few seconds made my stomach flip.

Today (and it's only 8.34am) I am having one of those days.

It would seem that not only did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but alas, I also have my grumpy knickers on..

What really tipped me over the edge I think is whilst dropping M1 at cross-county training earlier in the morning I returned back to my car (with M2) to see him run BEHIND a car and almost get hit. 

My stomach flipped as I (and the teacher - thank you!) called his name out.

Thank fully the mum saw him and stopped.

It still makes my heartbeat too fast, and my eyes tear up when I think about it.

How quickly these things happen.  I am pedantic about them walking in front of cars and not behind them, but as they say, in 1 second things can change.

So, now to move forward and on with my day.  It's almost time to take M2 to swimming and, then home to make some chocolates for Easter.

Time to change those grumpy knickers.  Deep breath.  M1 is OK and M2 loves "mummy and M2" days, so would be unfair to her not to enjoy it.

Keep smiling everyone, and hold those children close.  
Everything can change in a second.

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