Monday, 7 November 2011

Happy Place Challenge - The Final Days

Day 25 and have realised just how much I have come to look forward to this part of my day.  Each day I have found lots of happy moments and it has really helped me shift my mental space into a much healthier place.  Not that I was in a particularly bad place, just my place now is a little better.

The challenge has taught me to value the small moments, to let yourself choose your level of "busy" - even though sometimes you can not control all the factors making you busy, you can control some.  The washing CAN wait (just don't tell anyone you didn't do it!).

I love the fact that some people have come along for the ride and gained some of their own happy moments because of that.

I have learned to love the power of music.
To look at butterflies
Savour my morning cup of coffee
Look forward to morning cuddles from M2
Think that everything has a silver lining - well NEARLY everything.

If you are really forced to, you too can find happy moments, even on the toughest days.

Keep smiling - only 1 day to go I think!

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