Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Silly Moments - Learning to Breathe Through Them

I have two children, an 8 year old boy (M1)  (well he turns 8 on Friday) and a 3.5 year old girl (M2).  They are great children, but like most other normal kids this age, sometimes they are just plain silly.

Now, normally "silly" isn't a problem - it's just they both decide to enjoy do most of their silly things at what seems to me the most in-opportune times.

Let me explain.  

Morning routines - you know how it is, everyone needs to have breakfast, get dressed, pack school bags and hubby and I need to at least try and grab two minutes together to discuss the day, dinner, drop off, pick up etc.  Fairly standard stuff.  These 2 minutes, when I am trying to talk to their dad is when they choose to express their silly.  Or when I have asked them to clean their teeth.  Or when they have been asked to get dressed, or pack their bags.  You get the picture.

Ditto for dinner.  I am a really big advocate for sitting down at the table together every night to share a meal (dinner or tea, depending on where you are from).  It is a really big treat for them to eat their dinner in front of the tv.  This is family time and when we all catch up on what he have down through the day.

Somehow the sillies creep in again here - as soon as hubby and I want to talk.

Do you have this problem?

Well, I am trying to learn to breathe through these moments and laugh with them.  They are only young, and the childhood innocence of being silly and living in the moment only lasts so long.  That's what I am telling myself anyway).

I am trying my best to not be grumpy mum - but it is a learning curve.  Yes, I know I could have routine charts (have been there and done that with M1 - and yes it worked well.  Maybe next year I will be organised enough to have this done).  Some mornings/dinners are harder than others.

How do you make it through the sillies??????

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