Thursday, 1 December 2011

Made it to the finish line!

Today is the second last day of school for my M1.  I can't believe he is about to finish year 2.  YEAR 2 I tell you!  Feels like only yesterday I was dropping him for his first day at "pre-prep".

It has been a huge learning year for us as a family - full of all the normal struggles, challenges and unforeseen "things" that life throws your way.  But do you know what???????  We made it to the finish line!!!  And as I said to my kids at breakfast today - yes we are all still alive, happy and friends - you have to be happy with that!

M1 and M2 have done exceptionally well managing the change in our lives this year.  Their continued flexibility and willingness to "go with the flow' has constantly surprised us.  Kids are adaptable - it is us, as parents that worry about the changes.

So, as I start to reflect back on this year, I am really trying to take stock, plan, organise and work out how to "do it all a little better" next year.  The good thing is, next year I have experience on my side.

And that experience has taught me the following things:

1. It is ok to say no
2.  There is no such thing as "Super Mum"
3.  Everyone has to balance and juggle
4. There are happy moments everywhere - you just need to be open to them

For now however, I am thankful that M1 likes school, my family is healthy and I have good friends.

Goodbye school year of 2011 - hello holidays!

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