Thursday, 8 December 2011

Reflections on Modern Life

Modern life seems SO busy.  I wrote about finding the balance in life earlier this year and how we all choose our level of busyness...  So have things changed for me as the end of the school/work year draws nearer?

The answer is yes and no.

Some days I feel like I am totally on it.  
You know those days when you have dropped the kids at school, washed up from breakfast, hung out two loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom, been to the shops etc and it is only 11.00?  
They are rare, but when I have one of those days - I LOVE IT!  
I feel like I can achieve anything and have a great outlook on life.

But, mostly, the days are still the same.  I am NOT on top of it. 

BUT the difference is I am learning to accept that this is OK. 
Because my kids have still been fed, their clothes washed, lunches made, homework done and
the house not falling down.  
I am in  a strange place head space wise at the moment.  Currently I am on holidays with the family.  That should mean less stress and relaxation right?   

Not for me. 

I don't know why., but I seem only to be able to focus on the negative things (M1 not wanting to go and see Santa - when that was the whole purpose of our trip out).  
I know this is hard on my hubby and M1 and M2.

I am just so tired of being argued with, corrected, explained to by a 3.5year old and an 8 year old.  
I know it old fashioned but I just would like for once, when I ask them something for them to say "Yes Mum" - straight away.  
Without the discussion/reasoning/why questions.

However, on a positive note, we all stating to relax. 
I have started my planning journey for next year, which hopefully will be a little easier.  
I know how "good" I have it.  I have a wonderful family (even if they do drive me crazy at times). 
Everyone is healthy.  Everyone is happy.  

I am trying to shift my head into a "Sunny Mummy" space. 
One where the focus is on people being happy.  I am slowly getting there.

In the meantime I am trying to see things through a child's eyes.  Trying to be happy.
  I will get there.   Are you going to come along for the ride????

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