Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All Because it's Christmas Time

"It's time to decorate the tree.... dress it up all sparkly..... shining and shimmering, glistening and glimmering, all because it's Christmas time" (thanks Hi-5).  This is what my M2 (daughter 3.5) has been singing since December 1st this year and is still singing.  It is beautiful (well except for the Hi-5 bit).

So, how was your Christmas.  Ours as a family was great.  We spent two days (one for each side of the family) feasting, exchanging presents and watching the kids.  That is what Christmas is all about.  Or is it?

As I sit down and reflect (and warning - I am not trying to be a downer here, but let's live with "first world problems" for a while) all I could think was how much I dislike the excess.

I went to the shops on boxing day (I KNOW - silly, but needs must, apparently) and there was line ups of kids exchanging their presents and buying more.  

Now before I get all judgemental, maybe some of the presents were gifts of money being spent 
but still..... first world problem.
While I sit here in my (old and shabby) but perfectly acceptable house I think about how lucky I am.

How lucky am I to be able to throw away food that I think "might be off".
How absolutely spoilt am I to think "I would have preferred something else" to what my children carefully chose out and gave to me.

Like I said people - First World Problems.

We spent $75 this year giving presents to World Vision and the K-Mart Wishing Tree Appeal.  
This is nothing. 
I would spend at least that much a month on wine and beer. 

But, in the scope of things, I have to think that every little bit counts.

I have read posts this Christmas about people who have lost friends.
Who have buried their husbands.
Who are missing their mums.

My life is good.

I urge you this festive season to embrace what you have around you.

Currently I am planning for 2012.
I am planning to get fit.
I am planning to try and get my house in order.

I am planning on loving what I have around me, everyday just that little bit more.

Happy Christmas Everybody. 
Here is to 2012.

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