Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dress-Ups - Grateful for Clothes

This was a tricky one Maxabella.... until I read your post, and found some inspiration.

You see I was thinking, "grateful for fashion - yeah, not so much"  Grateful that I have clothes to wear, as do my children, well yes.  But I think I kind of missed the point.

Maxabella reminded me how to be grateful for clothes - in a completely different way.  Thank you Maxabella.  If you have not read her post - click here to read it.  In fact, if you haven't yet found her blog, jump on over (but before you do, grab a coffee, you will be there enjoying the beauty for a while!).

So why am I grateful for clothes?

Because I see the delight my M2 has in choosing what clothes she wears each day - this is a BIG deal when you are almost 4.  I don't care that they don't always match.  What I care about is the smile of pride she has once she has dressed "all by myself".  I also loves how excited she gets putting on her ballet clothes every Saturday morning, after asking all week "is it ballet day today?".

The same goes for M1 - he looks so different in each thing he wears.  Put him in his school uniform and he looks like one of the crowd, watch him pull on his shin pads and boots and he is the next David Beckham (oh, how I wish that were true).  Cricket whites, or even the Milo In2 Cricket yellow shirt (hideous!) and he is the next Dave Warner.

Hubby getting dressed for work always brings a smile.  He still (too me anyway) looks hot in a shirt and tie, even after 20 years of being together.

And lastly, but as Stacey at Sunny Mummy would say NOT least importantly, I know when I put on some "me" clothes, normally with boots or heels I feel a little better some days.  Add a dash of lippy and you do feel lifted and ready to face the world again.

So (again), thank you Maxabella, yes I am Grateful for Clothes - but really - not fashion so much.


  1. It was a bit of a toughie, SOM. I didn't really do it on my own blog this week (mostly because it wasn't that kind of week!). You know the prompts are just there to help inspire - they are not mandatory or even expected!

    But I'm glad you did "clothes" because this was a great post. Clothes and the way we wear them are a big part if us, regardless of what we think of fashion. That's a whole other post! x

  2. I've been thinking of this concept for days now Super Ordinary Mum ad I finally get why we need to be grateful for clothes!
    I've noticed how wasteful as a society we are with clothes ....oh it was on special, it was cheap, everyone is wearing it! And then there are the endless bags of second hand clothes we get for our children(which I should be grateful for) but honestly I want to dress my kids in my style!
    I have to admit, I have been a victim of the bargain too! And I honestly have far too many clothes!
    So yes I need to learn to be grateful for them. Think before I buy, think that I should toss and think who would appreciate them (I'm not going to burden someone else with my rubbish.
    So thankyou for making me think of the importance of clothes!
    Clothes don't make the person makes a person a few classic pieces will do that!


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