Friday, 24 February 2012

My Vision Board - 2012

This is my vision board for 2012.  

A little late in the year to be focusing on this perhaps, 
but completed none the less.

I love the idea of having this somewhere visible as a reminder of not only what I would like to achieve  (I don't like the word "want"), but also of the way I wish to live my life.

I think it is a great example to set my two monsters as well.

The images pretty much speak for themselves.

Travel, health, love, romance, learning, acceptance, relaxation (me time), fitness, kids activities.

The images are fairly ordered, as I would like more order (organisation?) in my life.

 What do you wish to achieve in your life?  Do you set goals or have a vision board?

Why not join me??


  1. Love the one that says "you learn something every day if you pay attention". great stuff.

  2. "I love right now" is a great one! Good luck with achieving your vision! x

  3. You have made a gorgeous vision board. It is bright and colourful. My favorite things are the balloons, so free and peaceful, and the saying "you learn something every day IF you pay attention". That is so true! Another blog pointed out to me today just how many little things I take for granted. Well done


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