Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Temperature is Rising

I am tired today.  But tired and happy.  My little girl is all better again.

On Monday M2 developed a very sudden temperature.  It had been a great morning together, we had achieved lots of things, had lunch and morning tea and then suddenly, HELLO temperature of 39.4 and a very lethargic child.

Off to the GP we went, he sent us straight to the hospital.  I hate hospitals.  "I'm scared" was all M2 could keep saying between cries and gulps for breath.  She was clutching me so tight and refused to let go.  Who can blame her?

Her little heartbeat was racing at 180 bpm instead of about 150 bpm where it should be.  The nurses did not like this at all. It is scary being less than 4 and in a hospital with lots of people prodding and poking at you.  

What amazes me is the calm that takes you over as a mum.  Yes I was very worried, but I was also very calm and rational.

All this happened before school pick up time (doesn't it always??) but I was able to get hubby to collect M1 and take him for a swim he was promised.  I was able to report back on M2s progress and calm her down as well.  The panadol helped too.

Luckily, all is well and "nothing" was wrong with her.  We were home a couple of hours later.  Thank you to the wonderful doctors and nurses at Mater Children's Emergency.

I can't imagine what it must be like having a seriously unwell child. The continuous visits to the hospital, having to watch your child hurting.  It's must be heartbreaking.

So to all you parents/carers out there with sick little children - I send you virtual hugs, and lots of them.  I hope your little one gets better soon too.

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