Thursday, 12 April 2012

As school goes back

I love this time of year.

The air gets crisper.

The boots and scarfs can come out and be worn.

My two Monsters sleep in a little longer due to the cold and snuggling under their covers.

It also feels like a fresh start.

I seem to be writing about this a lot, but things take time and I have learnt to be kind to myself as my dear mum says.

So, as these cool days wash over me, and the school holidays come to a close, I am actually really looking forward to this next phase. This next term.

Yes it will be very busy.

It took an hour and a half yesterday for hubby and I to co-ordinate calendars for the next term.  But busy can be good.  It means you get a bit more organised.  A bit less worried about the less important things in life.

So, come with me.  

Embrace the change of season.  

See it as a chance for change.

Become what you are meant to be.

Keep embracing the ordinary.

Sooz xxx

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