Monday, 9 April 2012

Travel. How I Miss Thee...

A very good friend of mine is currently travelling with her beautiful family in Europe.  Miss 8 and Mr 12 her and her hubby.  They are travellers from way back.  They, like us lived in London for a while before becoming parents.  Difference is, they never let the travel bug leave.

Her and her hubby work hard every day to give their kids this travel experience.  They also made some good investments before they had kids.  Good luck to them I say!  I am jealous in a very happy way for them.  One day hubby and I will take our kids on a trip to our favourite places.  Soon.

I have  been following their most recent travels on Facebook and looking on with jealousy (the good kind), longing and wistfulness. Hubby and I have visited those places and the longing I have to go back is palpable.  I love the fact that Miss 8 climbed the Duomo in Florence in a tutu - I climbed them all in heels (before SJP and sex and the city where even heard of).  I love that they are discovering little markets and bakery's in France, (never got to know this city/country well enough) and Italy, and that they are creating what I call "Real" memories.  Much like the velveteen rabbit.

When hubby and I lived in London we did not even own a computer.  All our photos are on negatives.  Do you even know what this means??  We both had email at work and did not think it necessary to invest in a computer for home.  How dark ages that seems now.  Wow.

I miss travel and all that it involves.  The planning, the dreaming, the discovery and the knowledge that in the scheme of things some things have moved forward for the better and some things have stayed exactly the same as they were  1000s of years ago.

We have just celebrated Easter here.  I too remember witnessing an Easter Parade in Atrani on Good Friday.  It was magical, I don't care what religion you are.

Travel broadens the mind, builds resilience and shows us experiences outside our comfort zone.

I am grateful I had the chance to travel, and hopefully will do again some day.   Happy travelling Carlie and family.

Miss you, and can't wait to catch up and relive it all with you soon.

Sooz xxx


  1. Me too, me too!! We travelled together for FOUR YEARS (6 months in London, 6 months travel every year for four years... marvellous!). I miss it every single day. The memories. BUT OH, the reference points and the outlook and the vast horizons we have had ever since. x

  2. I wish I had travelled before becoming a parent. I may have learned some valuable lessons about myself. We do small trips as a family. That is enough for us right now.

  3. Thank you. We had a fabulous time and created many memories......keep dreaming and you will get there.


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