Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Back to school Blues

Today I have the back to school blues.  You see my hubby did the "first day drop off" today.  First.  Time.  Ever.   You know, the one where you walk them to their new classroom, meet the teacher, help them unpack their books.  Sniff.

I needed to be at work, and this is the way our life has to be at the moment.

I officially don't like it. 

And before I start getting all sorts of "suck it up - it a choice" type comments, I KNOW!  
Well it sort of is anyway.  Things have got more expensive and we just could not afford the luxury of me staying home.  And that really is what it is.  A Luxury. I had it  until M2 went to pre-prep and have only been in this situation for the last 12 months, so I am still adjusting.

Yes M1 and M2 were fine.  No tears.  Probably didn't even notice I wasn't there.  I allowed myself to shed a tear on the way to work, and hubby sent me some photos, but it's not the same.

So here is to all of us working mums and dads, who for whatever reason, are not able to be there for all the moments we would like to.  We miss them.  And it is ok to miss them.

See you at pickup time, my beautiful babies.  Mummy loves you and misses you already!

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  1. I so feel for you. Ella starts school in a couple of weeks and I'm so very grateful I'll be able to be there.
    Take care of yourself. xx


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