Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Values - Deciding what is Important (SYL Week 2)


Define your FIVE core personal values.  This is hard and easy at the same time.  I have thought a lot about this over the past 10 days, and below are the results of my thoughts.   My first three values I actually have on a necklace, along with the tree of life to remind me that every day is a new day, and that every day, we should all be living, loving, learning.

LIVING - now this sounds strange at first, but really what it means to me, is living in the moment and accepting that things happen.  You can't change what has happened, but you can acknowledge it and move through it.  If we all keep living I believe we can all become stronger and able to handle whatever life throws our way.  Life is now and is for living!

LOVING - without this, there is nothing.  Simple.  Everyone deserves love.  My M2 comes and tells me all the time that "I love you mum, with all of my heart".  This is so beautiful.  Love can be expressed in so many ways.  A gentle touch, a smile, a helping hand saying thank you.  M1 comes and gives me cuddles and smiles.  Just as beautiful.  Most importantly, loving,  it needs to be dynamic and consistent.

LEARNING - this follows closely behind Loving because without learning, we never improve, create, wonder, ask, question or grow. I am learning everyday.  I want to continue to learn everyday, and then apply this to my living and loving.  My kids are my greatest learning experience to date, and I can not see that changing in the future.

COURAGEOUS - having the courage to follow your convictions and stay true to yourself is hard.  Sometimes people don't like you for the way you think or act.  Or for what you believe. And I mean courageous not courage because someone can have courage - but it takes a courageous person to act on it and live it daily. I am working on this becoming second nature.

HONESTY - like so many simple things, honesty makes the world go 'round.  Sometimes honesty can get me into trouble, so don't be honest to be mean, be honest to be true to yourself.  Nothing more simple than that!

These are what I keep coming back to as my core values. I hope I can do them justice.


  1. I'm sure you can do them justice. Really enjoyed reading your SYL values post. I have learning and honesty on my post as well. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. I love the way you explain the living value. Something I hadn't thought of. Well done :)

  3. I think you were so right when it comes to courageousness, you can have courage but that mean nothing if you don't use it, live it. I love how you explained your core values, very cool.

  4. oh this was gooood! nice work - i also really liked your picture for courageous :)


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