Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Family Mission Statement - SYL Week 3

Write a Family Mission Statement.....no, I don't think so!

At least that's what I thought until very recently.  I loved deciding on what my core values are, and it has already helped me in some situations - and lead me into "trouble" in some (in the eyes of others).

So - can I do it write a mission statement I mean.  Yes and no.  I am going to write a more personal mission statement, rather than a family one.  One that reflects the type of year I would like to have with my family, friends, colleagues and the people I meet along the way.

It is not going to change my world, more serve as a reminder on how I would like to live my life, and what I would like the outside world to see when they look in. Something I can print out and read daily, to remind me of the person I want to be.

My attempt is below - and I guess what really matters is it is just me that needs to be happy with it.

I will live everyday as a new day.
As a mother, I will  greet my children with
a smile and a cuddle.

I will help my children learn by nourishing their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

I will be the healthiest person I can be and set an example for my children.

My husband and I together can achieve anything.

As a family we will make an environment that is safe, secure, full of love and laughter.

We will spend time together as a family. 

My mission is to make my life Sunny.


  1. I loved reading this and agree totally with greeting your children with a smile and a cuddle. I try to do that even when I'm busy or frazzled as they dont understand the adult stuff happening around them. Enjoy having a Sunny year!

  2. beautiful. You sounds like a very strong and positive person.


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