Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finding MY "Simple" - The Challenge Has Begun

Last year was my first year returning to the workforce after 7+ years as a SAHM and it was a year full of challenges, juggling, compromise and learning to let go.

It was fulfilling, rewarding, stimulating and successful.  I wrote about some of these things in a previous blog, which you may enjoy reading called When Coloured Balls Turn Into Rainbows.

It was also a year of ups and downs socially and personally for me - for lots of reasons, but I have already reflected on this and learnt to let it go.  

Learning to let go of things is a great skill to master.  
It is often hard, but worth working at.  However, I digress.

Recently, via Miss Mandy at A Little Space Like Home I have become aware of the 52 Week Find Your Simple Challenge being run by Deb at Home Life Simplified.  This sounds like just what I need.

I love the sound of this challenge because it starts off by reflecting on "what went right in 2011".  I have seen so many reflective posts on what people are planning on doing better (and I myself am guilty of doing this), when, what we should be doing is celebrating what went right for us.  

Focusing on the negative and the need to "upgrade" everything in our lives and strive for perfection is tiring and draining.  As mums, we don't need this extra pressure.

Also, at HLS, Deb focuses on achievable goals, that will not overwhelm you.  Whilst I love blogs that show you how easy it is to organise things (The Organised Housewife is one of my favourite blogs), I often think that for some of us, with older houses, kids that aren't all at school, that work or volunteer part time and don't have unlimited budgets, they can be a little unattainable. 

I need something that shows me how the "little things, often" approach can work.  My house will never be a show house - but it is a home filled with love, and on most days laughter too.

So, from this week forward,  I will be trying my best to participate in the HLS 52 Week Find YOUR Simple Challenge.  

Wish me Luck!

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