Saturday, 21 January 2012

Grateful for Beauty

I have been reading "grateful posts" by some of the lovely bloggers out there.  It is so nice to find a community that supports and nourishes the souls of people that, generally they don't even know.

It has inspired me to write my own grateful post, and link it up with Kidspot.  It is always good to share the love.

I am grateful for beauty, the beauty that is all around me.  I see it when I walk outside onto our deck 
and overlook our tree shaded, big beautiful green, grassy backyard.

I see it in the excitement M2 has when we finally get to make cupcakes together (I had been promising her all week....)

I feel it in the awesome cuddle I got this morning - and yes I mean "just" a cuddle.

I see it in the clean clothes that are waiting for me to fold them up - especially after reading some of the stories from the "kids of the flood".  Those kids are amazing.  I shed a tear or two whilst I was reading that article, but, wow, how resilient are they.

My point is, I am grateful for beauty.  It is everywhere.  We are soooo lucky to live in this country.  Forget your "first world problems.  If your kids are fed tonight, and clean and you can give them a kiss and cuddle at they hop into their own bed then that to me is beauty.  

Today I am grateful for beauty.  Beauty is EVERYWHERE.

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  1. My goodness, if you can be grateful for a massive pile of clothes to fold then you are definitely a Super, not Ordinary, Mum! Thank you for the reminder that there is true beauty in the every day.

    Such a wonderful introduction to your blog and to being grateful. I hope we see you each week! x


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