Saturday, 28 January 2012

Kindness - Grateful for it, and it is SOOO EASY

This week Maxabella Loves via Kidspot is continuing their 52 weeks of kindness. 

Is it me, or does there seem to be an overwhelming desire in 2012 to find and recognise kindness and beauty, happiness and laughter everywhere. 
Many, many of the blogs I follow, am reading and have tumbled across seem to have this recurring theme.  

How wonderful.

Anyway, back to Kindness - and more specifically the kindness of strangers.  
At first I couldn't really remember experiencing kindness from a "stranger" so this post seemed a bit tough to write at first.  SO it go me thinking - what really is an act of kindness.

Is it letting my kids watch TV on Saturday morning so I can sleep in (kind to me or them?)
Maybe it is contacting the books for the library at school
Is it simply just smiling at a person on the street that you don't know?

I am not sure EXACTLY what it is, but I know if there was more kindness and less judgement the world would be a happy, smilier place.

Our family sponsors a child via World Vision, that counts as kindness to a stranger I guess.  But I think what I was looking for was something more tangible in my everyday life.  

So, Maxabella Loves was right.
When she said it was the person who opened the door for you because you have a child on one hip, two school bags, a handbag and an umbrella in the other hand and are trying to find your keys.  
It is the lady in the supermarket who smiles and says "she looks just like you" and makes you stop and smile (when you could, frankly leave her at the supermarket) 

Kindness comes in many shape and forms, and I think sometimes we don't even realise it is going on.

Next time you see someone on the street, even if you don't know them - simply give them a smile.  It might just make their day.


  1. this is lovely and so true, it takes a second to show kindness and can change a persons outlook on life!

  2. Lovely post
    Kindness has always been one of the qualities I want for my kids


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