Friday, 20 January 2012

Balloons and Reflection

Today I am feeling a bit reflective.  Seems some people I know are feeling this way too.  Looking back on their year and how they found some amazing strength and have come out the other side.

Great for them.  I am happy they have come out the other side.

Everyone deserves their piece of happiness.

I have done this too, but can't help think this other person's triumph was, (only a little tiny bit, but still), at my expense. It was because of her that my year too was turned upside down.  It was because of her and her "group" that I (and some of the people I am Friends with) were labelled and considered toxic.  Not Fair. You should never be punished for showing care and compassion. 

Selfish I know of me to think like this, but.. that's how I feel, and it's my blog, so I will write what I want to!
 A dear friend of mine has decided that this year she is going to be happy and that the rest will just have to sort itself out.
I love this. 
This is what I am going to try and do.

So what I am going to do, rather then dwell on this, is to have my little rant (this is it..), put it in a balloon (again) and let it go (again).

I made a pledge to myslef this year to define and stick to my core values.  Things that I think are important.  I listed living, loving, learning, honesty and courageous.  So to be true to myself and these values, I can't click "like" on that FB comment.  But that is ok.  This is who I am.

I am going be happy, put my face to the sunshine and smile.

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