Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Contact - Happy Place Challenge Day 9

Today my happy place is contact.  And no, not the physical kind, but the kind you cover books with.  (Yes, seriously!)  You see, our school sometimes throws out a call for helpers to contact the new books for the library.  The good news is, it is not the cheap, horrible contact we all struggle with at the beginning of each year, trying frantically to cover our kids school books.

But the good, secret stash, library kind.  The kind they never tell us normal mums about. 

I have started work again this year can't be at the school to help out as much as I have been. 

Contacting books for me is an easy way to help, and I actually find it relaxing.  Call me strange, but it is a satisfying feeling seeing the books covered and ready to go to their new home. 

So today, I collected two more piles of books to cover, and in-between my other commitments I will cover them and return them to our wonderful librarian, ready for a new set of readers.   This makes me feel happy!

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  1. Secret library stash contact - wow must get me some. I cannot contact to save my life, I too find happy moments in places you would not norammly think about. I had an extra five minutes up my sleeve yesterday and just sat in the sun - pure bliss xx


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