Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's OK to Feel Flat - Happy Place Challenge Day 7

Today I feel very flat.
(keep reading, there are happy moments to come!) 
I don't know why, it just suddenly hit me after lunch.
I had a great morning out with my two beautiful monsters. 
The sun was shining and we enjoyed some pizza.


Sometimes the feeling of what I "have" to do completely overwhelms me.  I struggle with this feeling and the impact it has on all around me.  My children must wonder where "fun mum" went.  So.  What to do?

Acknowledge the feeling and move on.  
Yes, I was a bit grumpy for a while, but now I feel ok.  
Now I can look around and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I think as mothers we find it hard to turn off and not be consumed by what we feel is 
expected of us. The truth is the world still turns. 

Make time for some zen time in your life.

Remember the Happy Moments from each day - there is always something!

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  1. So very true, its Ok to accept your current mood and slowly come through it. No point stressing about feeling flat you end up worse off. I accept my many moods and many atime I'm back to me without even realising xx


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