Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Importance of Saturday Night Wine - Happy Place Challenge Day 6

In honour of one of my "newest" but most special friends, here is my Happy Place moment for Saturday.  Day 6.  Wine.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know wine can be a fall back position for lots of people, and I know it can lead to lots of trouble, but for now it is a great metaphor. It is symbolic for relaxing and unwinding.

Wine, or whatever is your poison, has a symbolic, ritualistic kind of impact on me.  I even enjoy drinking mineral water with a squeeze of lemon, but out of a wine glass.  Go figure!  On a special night I give my two monsters their drinks in wine (plastic) glasses. 

No doubt, years of therapy will follow.

When I  mentioned to a friend that I was blogging about "moments" she mentioned that she had lots of "moments" - hence the Saturday night wine.  Now, friend 1 (F1 we will call her from now on) has a very stressful job, which sometimes has some very sad outcomes.  She however, always sees the good in every situation.  This is a real skill.  I remember once she told me that when she grew up she "wanted to help people".  Look up the definition of social worker in the dictionary people and I am sure this is mentioned somewhere.  She is definitely one of those people, and has grown up fulfilling her dream.

This friend (F1) has helped me see the great things about my son (M1) who is sometimes, shall we say a little challenging, and also just, frankly, been a good friend.  She also brings her iPhone when we go to coffee so M2 is kept (mostly) occupied.  Good friends are hard to find.

Hang on to good friends.  Some of my best friends live a long way away.  I miss them.  It is nice to have one that is close to home.  Paper cuts and all : ) 

That is my happy moment for today.  Good friends.  And if this doesn't make sense, I blame the Saturday night wine.

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  1. Makes perfect sense. Good friends keeps as sane. Good friends help as belly laugh. Good friends accept who we are. xx


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