Saturday, 15 October 2011

It's All About Me - Happy Place Challenge - Day Five

It's Friday, It's Friday, gotta get down on Friday - or however it goes.  I have been loving Miss Nathalie's @ Easy Peasy Kids Happy Place Challenge and it is less than one week in.

So far, I have found some new blogs, discovered the beauty in the moon that hangs in the sky at 4.30am and enjoyed early-morning-half-asleep cuddles from my miss 3.5, and today I have had the day off work and had some (in my opinion) well deserved "me time"  - yes fellow Happy Moment Challengers this included a trip to the hairdresser!  Happy Moments are everywhere.

It constantly surprises me how hard it is to remember this sometimes though.

We all need reminding that kids are beautiful, innocent, full of energy creatures.  They are not asking something for the 10th time to be annoying, the are asking to reinforce in their mind what it is or what it does.They are learning their place in the world and we are for good or bad, their guiding light.  Sometimes as a mother this seems infuriating (and tiring and monotonous). 

We as mothers need to learn to live in the moment more and accept that things don't need to be perfect.  IT is so long since I mopped our floors I had to yesterday buy a new mop bucket.  Everyone in the house is still happy though, and my husband has not once complained (even though he may have wanted to he knows the motto - "happy wife, happy life").

I will catch up on the housework (I promise I will) but today, and for the next 25 days, I am making time for happy moments.

Make sure you do too! 


  1. Wow what an inspiring, genuine and honest post. You have really just said everything , well nearly everything I'm always going on about.
    Children are children and we are their teachers in so many ways.xx

  2. I love that idea of making time for happy moments. I'm finding doing the challenge that the happiness comes with just realising that these are happy moments... I'm sure even the housework will feature at some stage in the next 25 days! Enjoying reading your posts each day.


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