Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy Place Challenge - Day Two

Today has been a mixed bag for me... busy at work, preparing for hubby's birthday tomorrow, dealing with children who really know how to "push my buttons" etc, etc.  So whilst trying to juggle all these things, what has been my happy place today?

Well, actually it was sushi.  I had sushi for lunch, and it was the best tasting, freshest sushi I have ever had!

That is my happy place moment for today - nothing deep and meaningful, but still makes me smile when I think about it!  


  1. Being happy there is no benchmanrk to what it is or should be.
    I fully understand how nom nom nom sushi can be.
    I was in a happy place yestrday with a hot chocolate and a kit kat, that still makes me :) right now

  2. I ate Milo out of the tin yesterday. It was the best :-)

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M
    (Mum's Word)

  3. we need to find pleasures for ourselves regardless of what is going on and if this was it for you today, good for you, and it was healthy too! love it.


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